3 albums in, Mynas has continued to prove why they are among the best unsigned bands the US has to offer.

For those that DO know Mynas, “Violence” is what you would expect from them. In all the best ways. For those out there who don’t know them, these dudes from Las Vegas have been putting out high quality Melodic Death Metal meets Thrash for 7 years now.

Vocalist/Guitarist Miles Lanham naturally has a voice akin to Anders Frieden in the Colony/Clayman era of In Flames, but a little more on the aggressive side. Him and lead guitarist Jeff Pritz always deliver on the tasty riffs and blazing solos. Bassist Mark Bazar keeps the beefiness going while drummer Mauricio Silva is dropping the thunder of the Gods on the kit.

While not at all a Metalcore band, Mynas does occasionally throw in sexy ass breakdowns, but like if Amon Amarth actually did them, as opposed to As I Lay Dying.

I’m going to be facetious and tell you the standout tracks: “Buried”, “Rise”, “Join the Fray”, “The Violence”, “Torn”, “The Seeker”, and “Fallen Empire”

7 out of the 9 tracks. Is there anything wrong with the 2 tracks I left off? Not a thing. The point is that you need to put the album on and listen to it start to finish. If you’re just looking for a sample of what Mynas has to offer, just pop on the single “Rise” and see if that quenches your thirst.

I love these guys, I love their music, and I love that they’ve forged their own path in the scene. Someone isn’t paying attention, and they need to. Century Media or Napalm Records should already have Mynas on their roster. Just saying.

3 killer albums in a row. Well done.

Rating? 4/5

Review by Marcus Miller

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