6 years sure flew by. We finally have a new Drowning Pool album!

After putting out an absolute career highlight with 2016’s “Hellelujah”, I was really interested in where they’d go next.

What we got is a straight forward solid hard rock album. Not disappointed in the slightest.

Their 3rd album with Jasen Moreno on vocals, they’ve maintained being one of the most underrated rock bands out there. I highly recommend seeing them live, if you want to see an extremely fun high energy show.

I wish it hadn’t taken so long, but it’s another welcome addition to their 21 year catalog. “Strike a Nerve” is well balanced between the loud anthems, slower ballads, and overall bad assery.

Nothing fancy here. It’s just rock and roll.

Standout tracks: “Stay and Bleed”, “Rope”, “Mind Right”

Review by Marcus Miller

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