I caught the last 4 songs from Funeral Haze, the 1st being “Cold” by Static-X. I had heard their name before but didn’t know anything about them. I soon found out they were a tribute to Alternative Rock/Metal, and it then made sense why they were at this show. I’ve seen dozens of opening acts for Powerman 5000, and ironically this was one of the better ones. Definitely more entertaining than the usual standard of Classic Rock and 80’s/90’s top 40.

SinShrift are a band from Arizona, who were something along the lines of a post-hardcore Chevelle with occasional metalcore tendencies. It all worked somehow. I can’t imagine that their guitarist has never been told that he resembles Keanu Reeves. Young John Wick up there shredding it up made for interesting visual!

Perhaps 1 day, Powerman 5000 won’t be so fun live. But after 19 times in 17 years, I’ve yet to experience that.

After finally seeing them in an arena setting in August along with Rob Zombie/Mudvayne/Static-X, I was curious if there’d be a revival in interest in PM5K. Right now they’re popping in over 1 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

What I’ve always known is that they belong playing to large crowds with their insanely catchy anthemic songs. They have that “it factor” and always have.

I find myself looking around at people’s faces while they perform and see smiles, looks of surprise, bobbing heads, and mouths moving. You can tell when it’s someone’s 1st time seeing Powerman 5000 because you can see the “wow I didn’t know it’d be this good” expression.

This band never went away. I’ve seen them play to 25 people and to 10,000+ in the same city and they grinded away regardless. Put out quality album after quality album.

Who knows how much longer they’ll be around, but all I know is, I think people are starting to realize how great PM5K truly are. They’ve played your town dozens of times and they’ll play it again. Don’t miss it.

Special thanks to Courtney Ware for photographing this show for AudioVein, courtesy of ZrockR.

Review by Marcus Miller, Photos by Courtney Ware

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