Bourbon House is back with their fourth album…. Umm, “The Fourth Album”. Very to the point title for their fourth album and I love it! This album is the follow up to their 2021 album, “Into The Red.”

And I must say, this album is their best yet. They are really growing as a band and I love seeing the journey! Bourbon House is pure rock n roll with a splash of the classic rock sound. With the nitty gritty guitar playing of Jason Clark mixed with the marvelous vocals of Lacey Crowe, makes this band a force to be reckoned with.

Definitely adding this album to my playlist, not one song on this album do I find myself skipping. If I had to pick favorite songs, my choices would be: Love is a Killer, Out for Blood, High Road Gypsy, 20 to Life, Hotel Bar Blues, and Blue Magic.

Ranking: 8/10
Review by: Mike Usenick