The Industrial Sound is an incredible new music venue in Vegas, just off the west side of the Strip near Sahara. I’m sad this was my only experience at this place, but it’s a perfect setup in a town that’s sorely missing the smaller to medium sized venues.


Somehow this was my 1st time seeing Vegas’ own Adelitas Way. They were fun and much of the hometown crowd was happy to see them. It’s good to see them still going strong 15 years on. Among the couple dozen bands from Sin City that have gone on to have some level of mainstream success.
Speaking of firsts, it was my my 1st time seeing Drowning Pool with Ryan McCombs on vocals. It was quite the shock when the news broke that Jasen Moreno had departed and Ryan returned, and now they’re already working on new music and everything. Don’t forget to check out the sit down interview with guitarist CJ Pierce!
Drowning Pool played a bunch of their hits and some deeper cuts, plus their Billy Idol cover of “Rebel Yell”. No Jasen era songs, including from their newest album that was just released last year. Hopefully in the future. Everyone was super pumped throughout their set, and of course when “Bodies” came at the end… the place came totally unglued.
Saliva, much like Drowning Pool 21 years ago, encountered a tragedy earlier this year when founding guitarist Wayne Swinny passed away. They recently released their new album “Revelation”, which is the final full body of work that Wayne recorded. A great album to go out on.
The band has continued on with the proper blessings, and are on tour supporting their latest hard rock adventure. This was my 3rd time seeing Saliva, all with Bobby Amaru on vocals. And I’d have to say that this show was by far the most exciting one to date.
If you haven’t seen Bobby’s TikTok videos dueting with his daughter, you’re in for a treat. He’s got serious pipes, and continually proves that he can sing with the greats of today. Between those videos, the now 4 albums with Saliva, and seeing them live? You can see his confidence has grown dramatically the last decade.
They played tons of hits, 3 brand new songs, a cover medley, and a couple fan favorites to round out their set. If you haven’t heard or seen the band since the Josey Scott days, you might want to give them another go.
Review by Marcus Miller, Photos by Casey Jade