Somehow 9 years have passed since Slayer’s final album, “Repentless”. In that 9 years, we had further touring, and then the surpring farewell world tour that finished off in November 2019. Then the world went to shit once Slayer as an entity faded off into the sunset.

Since then we’ve been patiently waiting for Kerry King’s return. After much speculation on the when and who, we finally got the answers we were looking for.

Alongside him is his Slayer brother, Paul Bostaph on drums. Followed by Vio-Lence and Machine Head extraordinaire, Phil Demmel. Bloodsimple and Hellyeah’s Kyle Sanders on bass. And Death Angel frontman, Mark Osegueda on vocals.

So the question is, does it sound like Slayer and what you’d expect? 100% it does. However, there are some minor tweaks to the formula we know and love. Phil’s more melodic guitar solos add a level of texture that’s been sorely needed, and while Mark’s vocals are in a very similar tone to Tom Araya, he also has a different range. It’s also apparent that the structures and composition are a little more unique (in the context of Slayer.)

Slayer recently announced their live return for festivals later in the year, which was as surprising as it wasn’t. I think many of us believed that Slayer could actually be done for real, but always hoped in the back of our mind that we’d get some shows here and there. And as exciting as that is, I’m actually looking more forward to THIS band and what it will be offering live and on record over the next decade. The lineup is very strong. The album is very strong. And other than perhaps the disappointment that they weren’t able to settle on a proper band name, the entire package is killer.

Musically, it is absolutely a Thrash Metal album. There is no shortage of fast mosh ready tunes with the classic blistering solos shredding your face off. There’s a couple groove orienated songs, and then there’s “Tension”, which is very reminescent of “When the Stillness Comes”. A slow build with that trademark creepy vibe that leads into 1 of the fastest songs on the album. Pretty much if you liked anything from “Divine Intervention” to “Repentless”, this album “From Hell I Rise” is for you.

If you aren’t a fan, this won’t change your mind. If you are, this is what we’ve been waiting for. Hopefully with a lot more to come!

Rating? 4/5

Standout tracks: Where I Reign, Idle Hands, Crucifixation, Tension, Everything I Hate About You, Toxic, Rage, From Hell I Rise

Review by Marcus Miller