Vocalist Jorel Hart has announced that he has quit Cognitive, a New Jersey technical death metal band. They will be looking for a replacement. Here is the official statement from Jorel:

“This is Jorel Hart here and with great dismay I am here to discuss some distressful news. Unfortunately due to life matters I have to depart from Cognitive. This is by far one of the hardest decisions I have had to make in my life. There is nothing more that I would rather do than tour the world with my family, but unfortunately for me life has revealed an opposing path. Be assured that this departure comes with no malice or animosity between members it’s just simply a matter of life intervening. I have experienced great things in my 3 plus years in Cognitive, met some amazing people and got to be a part of the music community in a way I never thought achievable. I have seen the country multiple times and played with my favorite bands. I have played huge festivals that drew fans from literally across the globe. I can never forget these things that I have done nor my brothers I got to do them with. I love my Cognitive bros with all my heart and will miss stinking up a bus with them while driving state to state. I will miss drinking whiskey in the back of the van while “camping out” in some random parking lot. Do you member??? I member! January will be my last month and this Artificial Brain tour will be my last run. Come out and send me out the right way.

“So without drawing this out to much I have to get to the next part of this post… Cognitive now needs a new singer. Requirements are as such. Must be a responsible adult over the age of 21. Must have own transportation. Must be able to contribute to normal band expenses such as practice room rent and van costs. Must be able to tour and tour a lot. Cognitive is taking off in all the right ways. The tours that are lined up are literally going to blow your mind! And must be able to handle band tasks … Such as web related tasks. Posting, merch store and so on. We are hoping to have the new singer by next month. Tag people, PM them, get this out there.

“I will miss you all”

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