Band: Disillusion Effect

Album: Behold The Inevitable Beast

Rating: 9/10

For Fans of: Lamb of God, Suffocation, Nile

The album wastes little time kicking into the opener “An Offering to Fire Mountain”, which offers a solid look at the rest of the album. The sound could be summed up as american heavy metal reborn with a brutal blend of styles ranging from Lamb of God to Suffocation – But even with these comparisons the band has managed to create a sound all their own… It’s not without it’s twists and turns though.

To accompany the heavy riffs the album has a solid amount of headbanging groove with bassist Rob and drummer Aubra laying down the rhythm for vocalist Christopher and Guitarist Ed to throw in their own spotlight. “Oni Kudaki” and the title track are excellent examples of this; Whereas the rest of the album is a straight up in your face thrill ride of perfectly executed brutality. It’s excellently written and recorded but it maintains a certain level of unpolished beauty that never loses your attention. Each song has a unique flair about it that makes you raise an eyebrow to see where it will take you next.

Disillusion Effect has crafted a damn near perfect set of nine songs that will leave you begging for more.

Reviewed by Steven Jeffries

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