Metal band Desire the Fire band guitarists Michael James and Paul Draven have decided to depart from the band. The reason comes from their promotions manager and wife of vocalist Cody Elliot, Kayla Elliot, posted racist comments via Facebook. Michael had this to say about it:

“As a member of Desire the Fire, it has been my pleasure to bring some of the best new rock out there to the stages and people we have entertained. However, given the events of Monday night, May 8, 2017, I do not feel that this is the band for me to continue on with. I would like to let everyone know that I do not condone nor agree with statements/comments that were made on a public forum/social media platform that can only be described as degrading and racist in nature. It isn’t what I joined the band for nor how I think or feel and not what I do in my personal life. That being said, I would like to announce publicly that I am no longer affiliated with Desire the Fire. I am sincerely sorry to my friends, family, business associates, and fans that you have been subjected to the things that were put out in a public forum and want you to know it is not representative of my beliefs, feelings, or thoughts as a person.
Thank you for all your support.”

Paul followed with this: “I do not support hate and racism. I’m a firm believer of values, integrity and respect!”

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