Death metal band Exhumed has released the song “Defenders of the Grave’. It comes from the album ‘Death Revenge’ out October 13 via Relapse Records.

‘Defenders of the Grave’ Track Listing:

01 ‘Death Revenge Overture’
02 ‘Defenders Of The Grave’
03 ‘Lifeless’
04 ‘Dead End’
05 ‘Night Work’
06 ‘Unspeakable’
07 ‘Gravemakers Of Edinburgh’
08 ‘The Harrowing’
09 ‘A Funeral Party’
10 ‘The Anatomy Act Of 1832’
11 ‘Incarnadined Hands’
12 ‘Death Revenge’
13 ‘Death Revenge Underture’ (Bonus Track)

Exhumed formed in San Jose, California in 1990. They’ve released six studio albums to date.

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