Gothic Doom duo Arcane Ritual release their latest single Angel on Halloween (today)!

“Angel” is a cover of the gothic metal epic by Tears of Passion. This version revamps the original with both female and male vocals, featuring guest vocalist Martin Stacey. But Arcane Ritual doesn’t stop there! This song is truly an international collaboration featuring keyboards and orchestrations by Antarktica (of Darkened in Italy) adding more drama and depth. And a bombastic violin solo by David Rivera (of Tenebrarum in Columbia) contributes a wonderfully unexpected touch. Jarek’s masterful instrumentation on the rest of the song build to an epic crescendo. Many have already taken notice of Jarek’s incredible guitar tone on this song, achieved on his 7-string Caparison.

“We wanted to release one more single before the album, set to release mid-2018” says Teresa Camp, lead vocalist “we’d been bouncing around the idea of doing a cover. Jarek brought up Angel and it was like a lightbulb went off. Once we got started there was no going back. We just love the song and wanted to pay tribute and invite some of our fellow musicians along for the ride. It’s been incredible to watch it grow into the beautiful epic it is now!”



This song will be a digital single only. You can order on Amazon (link below.) Upon release it will be available on iTunes, BandCamp and most other digital media outlets.

For a limited time the song will be available for free when you ‘Join the Ritual ‘ (aka mailing list) on the band website here:

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