Oh don’t even act fucking surprised, all of you knew this was coming. I’m gonna go ahead and skip the witty nonsense because there’s a lot to talk about here, I’m Steven Jeffries from Audiovein Entertainment, and this is my review of Avanti’s “Unscathed”

Band: Avanti

Album: Unscathed

Rating: 9/10

For Fans Of: Killswitch Engage, The Agonist, Eyes Set to Kill

For starters, yes I stuck with The Agonist comparison because Avanti will never not remind me of that band. So, if you remember I reviewed “Convictions” a year ago. It came out a year ago. In the span of one pissing year they’re basically a different fucking band. The amount of growth here is almost ridiculous. But, more on that later. No matter what your taste or what you’re feeling, this album literally has a song for each emotion or a mix of emotions if you’re having a bad day. It seems as if there’s zero repetition with this album, and that’s a trope that I can’t get enough of with metal nowadays. So many bands have a formula that they stick to and it leads to a boring listening experience because you go into it knowing what to expect, and that ladies and gents is fucking wack. Not Avanti. Each song is different from the last so they can all stand on their own, but all maintain the bands almost signature sound. There’s no skipping a song to find “that one you really wanna listen to” you start at “Friend to Friend” and end on “To Silence we Turn” each and every time. And on that note, lets talk about these songs shall we?

Personally, Friend to Friend is the best way to start an album. A five-minute sonic kick to the dick. A legitimate heavy song, both instrumentally and lyrically with some sweet, sweet melodies peppered throughout. I remember hearing this live for the first time last year at Forward Fest and being blown the fuck away. You know a song is fucking good when literally every hair on your body stands up. Side note: This song also proves that Jas and Kerry are the nastiest vocal duo in Ohio, and I will fight anyone who disagrees. “Divide”, the lead single from the album, was a wise choice. The first, but not the only song on the album that keeps the heavy and melody balanced so you get your fix of both. It boasts what is probably the world’s catchiest chorus. It’s been stuck in my head for the better part of a month and I have no issue with that at all. Also, we’re two songs in and this is some of the tightest fucking guitar work I’ve ever heard. However; Cameron has yet to rip us a new one with a solo, again we’re only two songs in so hold your goddamn horses, you impatient ass people.

“Some Semblance of Sympathy” not only does it have the funnest name to say on the album, but this song is just fucking relaxing. There’s something about the way this entire song comes together that just puts me directly in my happy place. The riffs, the vocal melodies, the goddamn solo (There’s that new one that’s been ripped). It’s a song that is right in every single way. “The Outside.” I could talk literally all goddamn day about this song, but I won’t because you’ll be here forever. All I’m gonna say is Cody does blast beats and this song sounds like it belongs on a damn Trivium album, and not just any Trivium album. We’re talking “Shogun” boys and girls. “Stockholm Syndrome.” I’m gonna take a shot in the dark and assume the band had a fetish for the letter “S” when coming up with song titles. Rock ballads are fun, this song is fucking fun to listen to. It’s probably the most not metal song on the album, but it doesn’t feel out of place. It’s got hooks for days, a nice bassline throughout, you can’t help but sing it in your car as loud as you can while people at red lights look at you like you’re fucking mental and it’s just so much damn fun so again I say; put that shit directly in my veins.

Now we’ve hit the last song, “To Silence We Turn.” I’d be lying if I said I didn’t choke up a little while listening to this the first time. It takes everything from all the previous songs and hits you. You literally feel this song… the emotion is tangible. The meaning behind it provides an air of sorrow while also providing a feeling of hope. It’s fucking beautiful in every possible way. This entire EP as a whole has that feeling. I saved this for close to the end but sweet fuck Avanti and Brandon Maertz all deserve a fucking award for managing to capture every feeling that went into this. The production is solid and clean, without anything being sacrificed. Not only is “To Silence We Turn” a tangible song, they all are. My first listen to the EP I could actually feel myself getting pissed off while listening to “Friend to Friend” and I couldn’t figure out why, until I realized it’s a pissed off song. I can almost fucking guarantee they went in to record motivated and left fucking exhausted. Take notes everyone, this is how you write a solid album.

Here we are at the end of my nonsense. In just over a years time, Avanti has grown into almost an entirely different band. They were outstanding musicians before, but now they’re nigh untouchable in their ability. From the time I saw them last year to the “Unscathed” release show; they definitely live up to their name; Sempre Avanti, Always Forward. I’m already looking forward to what you guys and gals are going to do next. Oh and my only gripe about this whole thing that kept it from a perfect 10 is Jas didn’t rap any, but Cody does blast beats so I GUESS that makes up for it. I GUESS.

Favorite Song: The Outside

It’s literally fucking perfect, no marketable jokes this time. That song is just too damn good.

I’m Steven Jeffries from Audiovein Entertainment and I’ll see you, soon.


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