Gothic doom metal band Draconian has announced their upcoming album “Under A Godless Veil,” set for release on October 30, 2020 via Napalm Records.


1. Sorrow of Sophia
2. The Sacrificial Flame
3. Lustrous Heart
4. Sleepwalkers
5. Moon Over Sabaoth
6. Burial Fields
7. The Sethian
8. Claw Marks On The Throne
9. Night Visitor
10. Ascend Into Darkness

Under A Godless Veil will be available in North America the following formats:

-CD Digipak
-Digital Album
-2LP Gatefold Vinyl Black
-2LP Gatefold Vinyl Gold – mailorder only (limited to 300)
-CD + Shirt Bundle
-LP Black Vinyl + T-Shirt Bundle – USA mailorder only
-LP Gold Vinyl + T-Shirt Bundle – USA mailorder only