My 1st show in 5 months was worth the wait. 3 of my most favorite bands together? Yes please!

I only caught the very end of Cultus Black, but apparently it’s former members of Motograter. Will need to check out further!
I’ve honestly never paid too much attention to Twiztid, but have been aware of them since 2002. I was pleasantly surprised at their performance and a good 1/3 of the crowd was very much into them. Thanks to seeing them live, much like above, I will also be looking more into them.
This was my 5th time experiencing Dope. I wish it was even more, because they are always so fantastic live. Between fan favorites, ‘hits’, covers and mashups, Edsel has it down on how to get old fans pumped and new eyes and ears curious. Don’t miss them when they come to your town.
7 years of touring inactivity, a ton of legal issues, drama, falling outs, Covid, and reinvigoration, the mighty Fear Factory have returned to the stage, with a brand new vocalist in Milo Silvestro.
Songs performed span from 1995’s “Demanufacture” to 2021’s “Aggression Continuum”, even including the ironic “Archetype”, which now includes no members present from that era of the band. A bad ass setlist meant to please everyone, and showcase Milo’s voice… Which, by the way, is awesome.
It was never going to be an easy feat to replace someone as gamechanging and iconic as Burton C. Bell, and here we are with someone that maintains the integrity of the Fear Factory sound of harsh vocals and clean singing, yet providing his own fresh take. Now we just need new music with his input.
In another twist, this was my 1st time seeing Fear Factory at the House Blues since the 1st time I ever saw them in May 2004, with a 100% different lineup. Only 2 of the 8 times have been there, the rest in other Vegas venues.
Also for the 8th time, was Static-X. My 3rd with Xero on vocals. I will continue to praise their efforts for forging on, releasing new music, and having the FULL support and involvement of Wayne Static’s family. I miss Wayne as much as anyone could, and I love what they’re doing. I love that they found the right person, with the right history, with the right skill sets and similar vocal stylings to be put into the role.
The band mixed it up and added new songs into the setlist, taking it up to 2007’s “Cannibal”. We got around half of the “Machine” album which was celebrating its 20th anniversary (22nd, thanks to Covid postponing everything).
Static-X updated the stage show, graphics, Xero’s mask, and just the overall experience. Even a mascot!
“Project Regeneration Vol. 2” will be out this November. We’ll see if the band continues on beyond that with more tours and more new music (without any of Wayne’s contributions). Tony Campos has mentioned before that it’s up to the fans really, and based on what I’ve seen… I think we all want them to. Static-X needs to exist. Thankfully they’re not taking it lightly, and neither are we.
Review by Marcus Miller, photos by Christina Rosenfeld