So, like with Keith Wallen of Breaking Benjamin last year, I had an entire 30 minute conversation with Wil Martin of Earshot. It was a fantastic experience, and he was really chill and easy to talk to. Instead of using the recording app that failed to record my conversation last year with Keith, I decided to use something else that I thought without hesitation would work. Welp. That unfortunately failed as well, and of course I didn’t know until after it was all done and over with. So I sent in the questions to have Wil fill out, which is nowhere near as satisfying or complete as the conversation we had, but I am still grateful to be able to post something. Thank you kindly.
A questionnaire filled out by Mr. Martin!
During the downtime of Earshot, what were you doing to keep busy? Lots of things! A lot of writing and recording, but also taking a break.
Is there a rough timeline for the new album, and upcoming shows/tours? We’re in the process of putting together a fall tour that will go for about 3 weeks starting in late Sept. We’re also in the process of writing and recording a new full leng album due for release this winter/ or early fall next year 2024.
What kind of bands were you in prior to Earshot? Mostly all local bands. Nothing notable. And I was a guitar player in those bands, and not the singer.
What were some of the first big tours you did, and what was your reaction to being included on movie and video game soundtracks early on? Our first tour was with Hoobastank in 2001. Our biggest tour was when we were out as direct support with Kid Rock for almost 3 months. 
What games are you currently playing, and when did you start gaming? I flip on the PS or Xbox in spurts. The last game that I was obsessed with was Division 2. I hope there is a Division 3!
Tell us about the “Aftermath” EP era and what all was happening during that time:The Aftermath EP was a collection of songs that I wrote that never made it onto any of our previous albums. It was really just something for me to do rather than do nothing at all. I loved making that EP. I learned alot about myself and even more about music production than I already knew.
How did the “Covid era” negatively affect your life and plans? Well, it delayed our plans to write, record, and release a full length record by almost 3 years. But it also taught us how we could utilize technology to our advantage to work together.
1 artist you would absolutely love to collaborate with:The DeLeo Brothers. (STP)
Where are the best tacos? 1. Mexico. 2. Los Angeles. 3. Texas.
Something to say for the long time fans and the soon to be fans: FOLLOW us on our socials, or sign up to join the Earshot Legion on our website at Our social handles are all the same /earshotband. We can’t wait to see you all real soon!