7 years since the 2016 album, “Crazy Eyes”, much has changed in the World. While many bands have changed styles and gone with trends over the years, Filter has never really veered off course from the beginning. Often throwing in more layers and sound experimentation (or subtracting) to the formula, but the core of Filter has remained intact.

“The Algorithm” is every bit what you would hope and expect from Richard Patrick in his collaborative conquests over the almost 30 years of Filter’s existence. Heavy, alternative, electronic, melodic, angsty, rock ‘n’ roll. It’s as fresh now as it ever was, yet could easily have come out in 1998, 2011, or today in 2023.

Richard’s voice always cuts through the music. He commands you hear what he’s saying and listen to his words. Which, in modern music happenings, isn’t as prevalent. You can hear a little more of the insight behind the album in my interview with Mr. Patrick.

In all honesty, it’s just nice to have new Filter. Thankfully, but not surprisingly, it’s good too. Really good. Any fan will be satisfied, and anyone hearing them for the 1st time could start with this album and it wouldn’t be a bad choice.

Reviewed by Marcus Miller

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