Recently, I attended the festival OVDJ Campout held by my good friend Louie (aka Louie The XIII) of OVDJ. Which was headlined by Muck Sticky on both nights of the festival. For those of you unfamiliar with the music of Muck Sticky, the best way to describe it is experimental funky hip hop with heavy themes of cannabis.

This is no shock for this festival, as it was held by cannabis advocates and I’m not saying we are stoners at this festival but I will state, that the festival had a unique smell. Every single DJ at this festival did an amazing job. There was one DJ who was having some technical issues, so they brought me on stage to do some comedy and keep the crowd entertained. Which was really fun, unexpected but fun. That DJ was Loose Bean, and might I say, they blew it away once they got up and going.

However, my experience of the festival was more of a personal experience. The music was amazing, but the atmosphere itself was just pure love and acceptance. Two great food vendors, and a lot of great vendors. We even had Head Rite LLC in the house with their THC-infused coffee and THC-infused chocolate syrup. Got to hang out with my friends over at Chaotic Lox, if you want to get dreads those are the people to do it.

Met a lovely lady at that booth who made me a crocheted penis, which I wore on my cowboy hat for the weekend. While walking around the campgrounds and going from campsite to campsite, I met so many people that I can’t name them all. Met the lovely people of WTHC Radio, such a fun and entertaining group of people.

Hung out with my buddies with Kaligrafe and of course The Holistic Cloud crew. Such an amazing and talented group of people. If you get a chance, check out Kaligrafe and if cannabis is your thing The Holistic Cloud is an AMAZING shop in Bellaire, OH, and Steubenville, OH

Billy Blaize of The Holistic Cloud had a lot of tricks up his sleeve, one of which was a 6ft blunt wrapped with rose peddles. Which we smoked with Muck Sticky during his set. For not being on stage for over 4 years, Muck KILLED it! Amazing setlist, including a tribute to Smash Mouth. Two unique setlists and the sound was amazing. Shout out to Louie for Djing during Muck’s set and throwing this festival together. Can’t wait til next year. If you get a chance, make your way to Jacobsburg for the Campout, the atmosphere is just AMAZING and so accepting and loving.

All the Djs who performed were Louie the XIII, DJ J Rage, Sintrigue, Slim Petty, Spoht, Spike Lee, Proper, Energy With Erica, Trash Panda, Chasing Rabbits, Neptune, Kaligrafe with Billy Blaize, Howes Party, Genohm & Grateful Dev, Nidraworks, Loose Bean, Jim Yoss and Muck Sticky.