Our own Dan Janoff conducted an interview with a new rock band from Manchester, England named Devils. The band features Ben Pratley on guitar and Elliot Gaynon on drums/vocals. Here is that interview:

Let’s start off with an easy question, what brought you guys to start playing music together?

Ben: Well we’ve played together in bands before in school and stuff and one day we decided to just have a spontaneous jam together and I played the riff to “Explode” and it kind of all spiraled upwards from there.

For first time listeners, how would describe your sound?

Ben: We once had on a gig poster call us “raucous 90s grunge-influenced young rock duo” and to be honest I think that sums us up pretty well

What bands help to influence that?

Ben: For both us bands like Nirvana, the White Stripes, Led Zeppelin and some smaller bands like Drenge, the Wytches, Wolf Alice, Darlia and Kagoule.

Every musician has that one song, band, or musician that made them want to learn how to play music, what made you want to learn how to play music?

Ben: For me it has always been the Red Hot Chili Peppers, especially the John Frusciante eras and really I can track my guitar playing technique back to him. For Elliot, I think it was Matt Helders from Arctic Monkeys.

Sometimes bands who have one or two members in it decide to take on more members for touring is that something you plan on doing?

Ben: We couldn’t possibly say.

Where would you like to play, is there any specific country or venue?

Ben: About a year ago we both saw Drenge play at this venue in Manchester called the Deaf Institute and it’s the coolest place going, its tiny so you’re basically right next to the bands playing and its one of those venues that if everyone jumps at the same time the whole room seems to bounce in time to the music.

Who could you see yourselves touring with?

Ben: Any band really, we both aspire to be touring musicians and if any band wanted to take us out on tour with them we’d probably love them forever and ever.

With your self-titled EP released on SoundCloud, what are your plans for the future?

Ben: More music to more people.

Tell us a random fact about yourself?

Ben: I’m five foot eleven and Elliot thinks he’s five foot eleven.

Ben, tell us an embarrassing story about Elliot?

Ben: When we went to Leeds festival in the summer Elliot got really drunk and just passed out in the door of our tent but we didn’t want to pull him back into the tent in case he threw up so we just kind of left him there and tied his hair up into little bunches so he wouldn’t get it all gross and stuff. I’m pretty sure Elliot has got some embarrassing stories of me but we’ll never hear them today because he’s hungover which is why I’m answering all these questions, cheers bro

Last question, do you guys have anything you want to add?

Ben: Not really other than to thank you for having an interest in the music!

We would like to thank them for the interview. Here are all the links where you can check them out to find more information on them and their new self-titled EP.

EP – https://soundcloud.com/devils-11

Purchase EP – https://devilsband.bandcamp.com/album/devils-ep

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/devilsbandofficial/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/devils_band