Review of Exoskelett – “Grind Your Bones to Dust” EP

With production, style, and attitude to similar to early Venom, Posessed, and Death while also channeling Sweden’s Ghost – This is a not so nice, nice 3 song EP that really just kicks ass.

It’s not so much in your face blast and thrash beats stomping your guts into a pulp and pure blazing speed Death Metal. It’s just really GOOD, period. It’s just slightly melodic enough that it keeps a solid balance of being very easy on the ears, yet still heavy enough for purists. Plus there’s this almost doomy vibe going on, all of which is what reminds me of Ghost. The vocals resemble Cronos and Chuck Schuldiner getting together at a Satanic ritual to discuss how it is to create and inspire entire genres of Metal for decades.

Even with the raw lower fi production, you can hear EVERY instrument, clearly. The 3rd track “Ossuary” is the fastest most in your face track, but my favorite is the galloping opener, “Unholy Alliance”.

These guys wear their influences on their sleeves, and yet actually sound pretty original in the process. Coming across Exoskelett was a pleasant surprise – Enough for me to write an off the cuff review. I came across their other EP’s on their bandcamp and I suggest listening to everything, but especially “Grind Your Bones to Dust”.

I look forward to more material, and hope somebody notices these guys pretty quickly and get them exposure.

Take a listen: