What many people in Las Vegas don’t realize is that there actually IS a lot of good and great music being made in the valley. Almost Awake are one of the bands that are going to stand above most of the rest. That’s not my opinion. You listen, you’ll know.

Sure, let’s start with the negative. Is it anything you haven’t heard before? When’s the last time you heard something “original”? That doesn’t exist anymore. So, what’s the negative? Well, there really isn’t anything bad about “Until Tomorrow”. So there’s that.

It’s not exactly pop punk, it’s not exactly emo, it’s not exactly alternative pop, and it’s not exactly rock. It’s some sort of mix of all that and whatever it is they’re doing, they do it pretty damn well.

If you’re expecting something heavy or a scream or two, you’d be disappointed. It’s very melodic and emotional and heartfelt (no, not in a sad woe is me kinda way), the production is perfect for this style, and the songs are just catchy enough. I’d see them hooking up with Warped Tour and gaining some traction from there.

While the songs do vary and are interesting enough, I can tell you that by the next album they’ll really be hitting their stride and that’s something to look forward to. On a personal note, I prefer the softer tunes. I feel that’s their strongest point, but that’s just what I got out of the album.

“The Intruder” is probably the best song on “Until Tomorrow”. It exemplifies a bit of everything they cover across the board and has a great build up in the middle of the song that leads into an epic solo section. I also love instrumentals, and “Avoir Peur D’etre Seul” fits directly into that love.

Overall, I like what I’m hearing now, and I look forward to hearing more from one of Sin City’s most promising acts.

P.S. – Yes, they’re fronted by a female vocalist. I kept that last because I didn’t want that to be the focus of the band or the review.

Standout tracks: What Did I Do, Glass Houses, Long Way Home, It Won’t Be Long, Skeleton, The Intruder, Time to Go, Rose, Lost Cause, Searching, Avoir Peur D’etre Seul

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