First and foremost, thank you to EVERYone who has supported this from day one. Obviously AudioVein wouldn’t exist if it didn’t have followers and supporters.

Major thanks to Jennifer Weed with Caffeinated Web Studio for helping me bring this vision to life!

Thank you to Joey DeFalco with JD3Studios for the updated logo!

And most importantly, thank you to Christina Rosenfeld with Pixel Beauty Photography  for making this become a reality and being there every step of the way.

Any and all bands and musicians that have come our way for reviews, interviews, or to follow us, definitely thank you for that. Thank you for letting AudioVein make digitial compilations of your music. There will be a LOT more of that!

For anyone who doubted this, or didn’t think it would become anything…

We have so much more to accomplish. This is just the beginning of the REAL work and we’re looking damn forward to it!

Marcus Miller