“Black Labyrinth” is the long awaited solo album from Korn’s frontman, Jonathan Davis.

When some artists make their first solo album, it sounds exactly like the work they did with their main band, or their day job if you will. If that’s what you’re wanting from this album, stop reading this review right now. This album has such a different pace than anything he has done in Korn, and I don’t mean that in a bad way. This album is great, but there are a couple tracks that were iffy at best.

I’m going to start with the iffy part of the album. I really dig this album a lot. Hearing an artist go out of his (or her) regular comfort zone is great, but sometimes it doesn’t always work.

The iffy part of this album is easily topped by the song “Gender”. The Indian flaired drums beat along while he sings “Can I wear your skin? Can I have it now?”; It’s just a weird track that I didn’t dig at all. “Medicate” is another track that’s just iffy. The flow of the song seems off and weak.

This album has some giant high notes though! “Please Tell Me” is my personal favorite off the album. The isolated vocals when he says “please tell me” sent shivers up my spine. The power of his voice on it is just out of this world.

Other high points include “Underneath My Skin” and “Everyone”, which resembled a little bit of his Korn work. “Final Days” is the most dance-able (that’s a word, right?) song on the album. The main single “What It Is” is another heavy, catchy, fantastic track. I totally understand why it was the lead single, as its a very solid track.

Overall, I give “Black Labyrinth” a rating of 8/10. It could’ve had some stronger points, but is a great album.

I Hope to see some more solo material from JDevil.. just don’t take another ten years please!

Reviewed by Emmy Susani

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