Nashville has long been known for being the home of country music, but in recent years it has become a fertile breeding ground for indie rock of all shapes, sizes and genres.

One such band to emerge from this burgeoning hotspot is punk quartet Taco Mouth. Formed by the BFF duo of lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist Erica Sellers & drummer Angela Lese (CatFight, The Dead Deads); Joined by lead guitarist Shawn Hammer (engineer for Chevelle, Cursive) and bassist Flip Cooper (Brother Cane, Damon Johnson) – This East Nashville based group lays down their marker as a band to keep an eye on. Taco Mouth’s sound is a mash-up of 60’s rock, punk and catchy pop hooks (a little MC5, a little Ramones, a little Joan Jett).

“A Deafening Silence”, their full-length debut, is produced by the legendary Michael Wagener (Metallica, Megadeth, Skid Row, Dokken) and roars out of the gate with the snarling attitude-filled anthem “You Say”. “Romero” slows the tempo a bit without losing the catchiness or your attention. “Burn This City Down”, “Lets Get a Little Bit”, and “Queen of the Stags” all showcase the band’s trademark mix of styles and their penchant for ‘tude laced with pure fun before they drop into the slow-burning buildup of “Sinners”. “Fighting for Today” is a politically charged piece that any of the punk legends Taco Mouth revere would pump their fists to. The dulcet, serenading tune “You Can’t Stop Me” is next. My personal favorite, “Katie”, is a scathing, disdainful composition literally dripping with scorn for its subject. The hook-laden groove of “Waiting for the Sun” brings this rock/punk/pop fiesta to a close with style.

“A Deafening Silence” harkens back to the halcyon days of CBGB and this release’s killer, catchy hook-driven “rock n’ roll with a punk attitude” approach will surely please anyone who digs the styles Taco Mouth wrap up in a tortilla and serve with generous sides of intensity and fun. They might just “Taco-ver” the world at this rate!


Reviewed by Bobby Mansfield

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