1 show I had wanted to see for 15 years was Puscifer. A massive influence on my own music, I had waited a long time to see Maynard and company.

Reynold’s Hall at the Smith Center was among the beautiful venues I’ve ever been in. The perfect setting for a show such as this. The sound was awesome and just right.
My favorite thing was how every song had its own specific lighting and effects. Different moods and vibes across the board really pushed what is an already excellent show musically to an extra special experience. Then factor in the storyline, comedy and skits, characters, and outfits… You’ve got yourself an authentic memory making event.
I had certain expectations, but also didn’t know exactly what I was in for. Safe to say that it was all exceeded. There were multiple times throughout the set that I wanted to fall asleep. While that can be misconstrued as a negative thing, it was actually one of the best feelings I’ve ever had during a concert. Comforting and relaxing, while being intrigued at what was next.
Every member of the Puscifer live band played to perfection. Though their music isn’t technically progressive, there’s plenty of elements of it amongst the industrial, alternative, trip hoppy style they have. Whether they are blending together or providing backup for eachother, Carina Round’s voice is such a good companion piece for Maynard’s vocals and the overall sound of Puscifer.
I very much look forward to seeing another performance later on down the line, and always anxiously await new music. Now I just need to see A Perfect Circle and the trio will be complete!
Review by Marcus Miller, Photos by Casey Jade