Well Ladies and Gentlemen, another fine gem for 20&16. Something for the present, but also of the past.

Nekromantix deliver their 8th full length Studio Album “A Symphony of Ghost Tones & Wolf Notes” which adds to an impressive catalog of a career spanning 27 years.

Kim Nekroman, Francisco Mesa, Adam Guerrero are the undisputed kings of Psychobilly, and they once again deliver one hell of a performance.

My personal favorite track on this record is “Ghost Babe”. It opens with this tasty guitar riff by Fransisco Mesa, followed in form by the amazing thrum of Nekroman’s iconic double bass styling, chased closely by a solid drum line by Adam Guerro. The song itself is a fun, up beat, swingy track about relations with a ghost. Yep, you read that right, spectral strange. The word play in this track will have you cracking up. I’m really hoping they play this one live. I’ll be catching them on 11/1, so keep a look out for that review as well!

The production work, tone, music, and lyrics in this record are flawless. Nothing less than what we have come to expect, and respect, from Kim Nekroman.

The record flows so well, it’s easy to roll through several times and it continues their legacy.

Today it’s a perfect day for this record in Seattle. This is definitely a record to put on during a gloomy day. While it has it’s darker tones and subject matter, it will brighten your day.

Well done Kim Nekroman and the Nekromantix!

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