Hollow Front Drummer, Devin Attard, Will Soon Become a Household Name

By: Mickey Renger – April 25, 2020

“Passionate, energetic, and authentic,” are all self-descriptors from one of today’s hottest metalcore drummers, Devin Attard, 20, of the Grand Rapids, Michigan based band, Hollow Front. Devin can also be described as very animated (you’ll understand after checking out his IG page). While sipping on America’s “quarantini,” Devin spends his days wielding his ProMark’s and honing-in on his craft. On a drumkit that is as eclectic as the artist who plays them, Devin takes you on an emotional journey, with sounds inspired by the hard-hitting beats from Detroit’s 8-Mile, all the way down to the sultry swag of the south.

As a drummer himself, Devin’s dad played a pivotal role in his love of music. While watching his dad play at just one and a half years old, a young Devin picked up his first pair of sticks and began to bang away. Although his dad retired 6 years ago, at age 14, Devin continued to pursue his music passion. It is undeniable that drumming icons like, Jimmy “The Rev” Sulllivan, John Bonham, and Joey Jordison, have heavily inspired Devin’s music pallet.

It is with this passion and mastery Devin exudes, that is reflective within his band, Hollow Front. Having only been with the band for about a year, Devin is already hitting the mark. With the guidance of vocalist, Tyler Tate, or as Devin describes him, “the band dad,” collaboration has come with relative ease, as they all have a clear goal in mind, to put their stamp on the metalcore scene. While talking about the new album, which is done and hopefully going to be released in the summertime, you could hear the excitement in Devin’s voice, as he can’t wait to share their vision with the masses, which may not happen for a while.

With the unfortunate unknown within the U.S. currently, and no shows scheduled to happen soon, Devin is filling his days with the only thing he knows, music. Whether that be staying connected on social media, inspiring others, going to the studio once a week to work with producer Paul Raymond, or doing covers and IG clips, Devin is staying busy and hoping to be playing on the national level soon, with the possible likes of Polaris, We Came As Romans, Wage War, Like Moths To Flames, Silent Planet, or Currents.

Devin Attard is a man that spoke eloquently, well beyond his years, who has a solid grasp on the music industry, and a thirst to succeed. He is humble, and understands that constructive criticism helps you grow, all while living by his mantra of, “always be yourself, don’t get taken advantage of, know your worth,” and, “don’t stay inside the box”. His attention to detail and knowledge gained from influences, will certainly put him in that “household name” conversation sooner than later. Be sure to go check out his social media (see below), while we wait to see Devin and his bandmates of Hollow Front, destroy a pit near you.