Fire, Flames, and Video Games

March 9th was a successful night of music for British Power Metal legends DragonForce. A night full of trademark solos that sent the beautiful sounds of Herman Li and Sam Totman’s Ibanez guitars permeating through the newly opened Goldfield Trading Post in the heart of Roseville, California.

Opening with the song Highway To Oblivion, Marc Hudson had an early opportunity to showcase his unique vocals and the popularity of their newest album, “Extreme Power Metal” which the song is the top track of. Jumping ahead to the third entry in the set and my personal favorite, Skyrim-themed The Last Dragonborn, boomed throughout the venue. Continuing with the theme of video games, Sega commercials played on giant-sized arcade machines leading into Heart Demolition and renditions of the Castlevania Symphony and Final Fantasy VII, with the latter two sporting Hudson on guitar.

Bringing out a banjo and members of supporting acts Seven Spires and Visions of Atlantis, the combined trio proceeded to play music accompanied by a video of the critically-acclaimed game Farming Simulator. The band played a few more songs before their first ending Valley of the Damned, but the crowd was too loud not to warrant an encore. The encore that truly ended their show made sure that our hearts would go on, busting out a cover of Celine Dion’s ballad “My Heart Will Go On” accompanied by shredding guitar work that would have undoubtedly led to the sinking of the Titanic. The finale played out on top of the bar, with Li earning 100% completion on the song made famous by Guitar Hero 3 and arguably the most famous in DF’s arsenal, Through the Fire and Flames.

I would be remiss if I failed to mention two critical members of DragonForce. Drummer Gee Anzalone and newest member Bassist Alicia Vigil held down the rhythm section for the entire night, providing backing for the whole show to be pulled together perfectly and leave fans wanting more. For those of you who live in the Sacramento area, check out the new Goldfield in downtown Roseville; it is an excellent venue with lots to love, you will not be disappointed with any show you catch there, and the food is to die for. If you’re one of those fans who want to experience this exciting show, you can still see DragonForce on their remaining North American tour dates running through the 23rd of April.

DragonForce Online

Review by Ryan Renger, Photos by Mickey Renger