Out of all the concerts I’ve been to, there’s still such a large number of older bands and artists I have yet to see. Tesla was a band I never thought I’d see live. I figured it would be a good idea to take up the invitation.
It also ended up being a night where AudioVein Entertainment and ZrockR collaborated again for this specific night, with ZrockR owner Stephy Muzio photographing Tesla.
Despite the show lasting for like 3 hours, it really felt like 45 minutes. Tesla went through all of their fan favorites and hits, and they looked great doing it. They had a really cool stage set up for their residency and were dressed for the occasion. Like a bunch of rockstars or something!
Overall the crowd was generally mellow but clearly having themselves a good time. Whether it was Vegas locals or out of towners, anybody that came left happy.
It’s nice to see rock veterans still getting love. I stood near the bar throughout the show, and had several intoxicated ladies dancing around me. All in good fun, of course. I myself had a Coke and a water and just enjoyed some tasty guitar solos and crowd sing-a-longs.
Review by Marcus Miller, Photos by Stephy Muzio