They are back, and back to their roots. Prepare to blow out your speakers and your eardrums. If their new record is the last thing you hear, it’ll be worth it, don’t worry.

Now, I know this is a kind of a big week for bands who have been a multi year hiatus to release records. Why pick Atreyu’s new record?

This band is easily one of the most prolific in Metalcore. Around six years ago, they took a break to focus on family and a few other projects. That time has brought back a much stronger and more learned Atryu. This record has a little of everything for everyone, not just the beasts tuff enough for Metalcore. Dare I say; they have an Epic Ballad in “Do You Know Who You Are?” They even offer a musically uplifting and technically composed instrumental interlude to break up the record, in “Revival” how Metal is that? Typically heavy records use this slot to plan the listener for a slower tempo pace on the following tracks, then “Heartbeats and Flatlines” kicks you in the chest with this face ripping shred and explosive vocals.

This record showcases this bands musical talent, and gives a fist to the maturity displayed on 2009’s “Congregation Of The Damned” and to be quite honest, on the surface level feels heavier and more aggressive than 2006’s “A Death-Grip on Yesterday”. It is the direction many older fans had hoped they would they’d take.

My favorite track on the record is “Brass Balls”.

A little on me, I’m from SoCal and was privy to this band in the garage days. I remember them playing gigs in definitely not metal clothes. Showing up, wearing Karate Kid bandanas brightly colored shirts. This band has never been about stereo types and bull shit, that’s what this song is about. It’s about being you and doing for you, and calling out your haters. Maybe this song should be sub titled “An open love letter to Metal Sucks, with love from Atreyu.”

This is a well-rounded record and another awesome addition to be welcomed into the discography of Atreyu. It is well written, well produced, and very technical. The only disappointing aspect to the record was “So Others May Live” was missing, on my iPhone this isn’t a problem, but on my vinyl I was a little sad, and an odd song rotation. Moments Before Dawn would have been an amazing closer to the record. Again, easily fixed on my iPhone.

Welcome home guys, good to have you back in the party.

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